A change in the work atmosphere and new sources of inspiration
A change in the work atmosphere
new sources of inspiration​
Nowadays there is a serious increase in the alternative locations of work like shared coworking spaces.​

Bulgaria is not an exception - contrariwise in Bulgaria today there are more than 20 co-working spaces, more of them are concentrated in Sofia, but new ones are being opened in cities like Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Ruse. The idea is to make you familiar with the conception, the advantages and tendencies in the development of the so called “coworking spaces”

The shared coworking space is a place, in which people, mainly startUps, share a joint working space, they rent single desks and use shared spaces for work meetings, rest and events. This workstyle most often attracts people, who love to work from home: freelaners, project-oriented professionals etc.digital nomads - people who like to change from time to time not only their working environment but also the country for their work.

Recently the development of the technologies changed the way the business works. This influenced the way people do their standard deeds, their behaviour towards work, motivation and last but not least their work environment.

Today the society and the world are open as a whole, processes of sharing and collaboration are being noticed. Shared coworking spaces play really important role in the formation and the realization of stable processes of socialization of a commune level. Today’s market and the fast development of the technologies are based on the openness and sharing. Nobody wins from the hiding of his business idea, contrariwise - the more different and creative point of views you receive while your project is at its very beginning, the more successful it can be in the future. This is the most precious resourse that the coworking space provides, especially if you work in the field of the startUps.

Contemporary coworking spaces provide possibility for the startUps to meet their needs easily. Their they can meet a graphic designer, who on a cup of coffee may give you valuable advices how to visualize your brand; you may discuss with a programmer on a fast lunch exactly what kinf of website to built in order to sell your product better or to receive ideas from a diital marketing specialist what kind of advertising strategy you need for your business and to reach your target audience.

At StartUp Center we offer exactly the same co-operation to open the work community in Varna and focussing the attention of the StartUp community to sharing and collaboration as principles, which lead the office of the future and the business of 21  century as a whole. The idea is that the psychology of the business-makers changed as a result of the world processes of the development of the new technologies, which leads to sharing, incorporation and collaboration on global scale. The thinking of the people changed, the business environment should change in response. It is nomore  important where you work but with whom you work. More precious are the ideas and the inspiration, which come from the people and the community, when they work together, not alone from home or in the coffee. Even the offices in their standard version do not offer such a variety and freedom of thinking, meetings with interesting people, who can be valuable each other.

It is proved that the change of the working environment leads to increase in the working capacity and the creativity of the people. Apart of the different working atmosphere StartUp Center offeres also a wide variety of events and seminars, which often are organized for the people, who work there, but there are also open formats, which additionaly provide possibilitiesopportunities for meetings and acquaintances. The events on a common interesting  topic get people together. Networking is the new foreignism, which actually incorporates and gathers people with common interests.

Shared coworking spaces are key factor for the development of the environment, especially that one, that contains closed communities and estranged groups. Indicative of the success of each business initiative today is the wide range of vision and the ability to be always open towards the new and the community around us. That is why the main mission of the StartUp Center as a coworking space is to develop formats, in which people to enrich themselves, while sharing their ideas, visions, causes and the variety of their needs.

Apart of the fact that we offer an opportunity to “run” from the monotonous everyday work style at home and the unvaried environment of the company office, the shared coworking space provides a really active and creative surrounding. The people who “inhabit” such a space are the real engines if the social and economical change in one community. They are the people who bring the main principle of this “new type of office”, namely the principles of sharing and collaboration.

From StartUp Center we recommend the companies with traditionally closed  structure to try our new service “Exported office”. It is an unuque opportunity for departments of big corporations, also  for companies with small teams to change their working atmosphere for a few days. Apart of a new space, they receive from us the conditions to make incorporative and entertaining activities and our useful lectures on different topics after the end of the working day. Exported offices are an exclusively good tool to increase the motivation in the employees and he refreshment of the team spirit. They are the ideal tool for the moments when in the companies are organized strategic meetings and reconstruction and revision of the company’s policy and vision. It is proven that temporary change of the working surroundings increases the working capacity and the creativity in the employees.

StartUp Center and our room for events and seminars, are our little addition to the contemporary tendencies in the development of the Varna community. We are happy that more and more people join us and our cause to develop stable social capital in the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna.

Written by Tanya Sabeva