Превърнах работата си в живот.

Започваме нашата поредица от интервюта с успешни хора в България. Всеки един от тях е уникален и вдъхновяващ. Представяме ви първият ни гост. Една дама с голяма мечта и интересно занимание.

Запознайте се с Ралица Христова-професионален коуч и изпълнителен директор на „Коучинг асоциация България“, на която зададохме нашите въпроси.


Dropshipping - from Amazon to eBay

This is a kind of trade, that is not need the shop to own the physical product and to keep it untill it is sold out. It means that when you have sold out the product, you pay it to the dropshipper and he/she sends it directly to your client. As a result you do not do things like packing and sending of the product becouse it even does not pass by your hands. You only sell it.

The biggest difference between drop shipping and the standard model for selling is, that you do not own what you sell. You buy something only once you have sold it out and have taken the money for it. It sounds very well, don’t you think?


Why to choose Bansko for your vacation.

Bansko is a ski and mountain resort located in the south-western part of Bulgaria. The town is situated 6 km from the town of Razlog and 160 km from the capital of Sofia.The new modern and one of the biggest winter resorts in Bulgaria, is located at an elevation of 927 m above sea level at an altitude of 2000 - 2600 m., on the two banks of the Glazne river at the feet of the Great Pirin Mountain, right below the most beautiful and highest part of the mountain. The Pirin mountain is an Alpine type mountain with its highest peak - Vihren (2914 m).

For a lot of years, Bansko gradually becomes one of the largest ski resorts in the country and the region, which attracts a lot of bulgarian and international tourists. No doubt, Bansko is famous among the tourists not only as a ski and snowboard destination, but also with its mineral water and wellspring, which makes the region attractive place for the whole year SPA tourism.


Какво се случи на първата варненска среща за Амазон.

Ако следиш страницата на StartUp Center в Facebook сигурно ти е направило впечатлени, че от време на време организираме съвместно с други хора и организации събития на различна тематика. Една от интересните теми в последните няколко години е как да продаваме успешно през Ebay и Amazon.

Разбира се успех в този бизнес може да има всеки, стига да знае какви са стъпките и какви успешни стратегии да приложи. С тази и цел и за да съберем заедно хората от Варна и близките градове, които се интересуват от този бизнес организирахме за едно с Михаил Великов една среща за всички желаещи да разберат повече за продажбите в Амазон. 


New sources of inspiration

Nowadays there is a serious increase in the alternative locations of work like shared coworking spaces. Bulgaria is not an exception - contrariwise in Bulgaria today there are more than 20 co-working spaces, more of them are concentrated in Sofia, but new ones are being opened in cities like Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Ruse. The idea is to make you familiar with the conception, the advantages and tendencies in the development of the so called “coworking spaces”.


What is important for coworking spaces-part 2

Disillusionment with the question 'what do you want to be when you grow up?'


What is important for coworking spaces-part 1

In the start of october we had the honour to take part in the first of its kind Coworking Uconference Bansko - an unforgettable weekend, in one of the most visited winter resorts in Bulgaria.




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