Dropshipping-from Amazon to Ebay

Dropshipping - from Amazon to eBay​

This is a kind of trade, that is not need the shop to own the physical product and to keep it untill it is sold out. It means that when you have sold out the product, you pay it to the dropshipper and he/she sends it directly to your client. As a result you do not do things like packing and sending of the product becouse it even does not pass by your hands. You only sell it.

The biggest difference between drop shipping and the standard model for selling is, that you do not own what you sell. You buy something only once you have sold it out and have taken the money for it. It sounds very well, don’t you think?


You need only few resources - that is maybe the biggest advantage of the drop shipping, because it opens possibility for everyone who wants to try and earn from online sales. It is not needed to spend thousands of leva for commodity charge, which you do not know if you would be able to sell out and the diversity of goods is large if you manage to find out good drop shippers.

It is easy to start -  the start of an online shop ( we mean eBay) is far more easier when it is not needed to open a store and an office, where you need to keep the commodity which you sell. When you sell with this model you will not think about the following things:

  • the payment for a store

  • packaging and sending of the products

  • following of the commodity you have and the accounting inspection

  • you do not need to bother about the returned faulty goods, because it is not your guilt.

Low expenses - due to the reasons mentioned above your monthly expenses are too low. As a matter of fact most of the online shops and successful eBay sellers have started with too little thanks to this system and gradually have built large number of clients and can go to a different model of sales which requires more resources, but the income is higher. When you develop of course your expenses would be higher, but compared to a renting of a store etc. your expenses would be lower.

Flexible location - this is my favorite part of drop shiping. You may be located in a distant village and sell commodity in USA. The only condition is to have access to internet of course, then you decide where you will go.

Diverse choice of products - you won’ t buy anything wholesale, you can use all the commodity that your drop shipper offers withou the need to pay additional money. The more products you offer, the more potential client you will have.

Easy to cope with - If you have a lot of orders with the traditional way of sales, this means that you will need a lot more time to check them, pack them and send them. The more orders you have, the more work you will have to do afterwards. You will say to yourself, just have a lot of orders, don’t think for later, but it’s not like that, if you remember you started with the online business to have more freedom, time and flexibility. Drop shipping does not offer such a dependence. Yes, you will need to send two more emails but that’s all. Of course nobody will help you with the questions of your customers, these will be your responsibilities.

All these advantages make this model so attractive for beginners and even for advanced sellers. Unfortunately, there are not only benefits. Now let’s start with the flaws:


Low profits- this is the biggest flaw of this business, because you ar not the only one who knows about this business model. The competition is a lot because it is easy to start and a lot of people don’t know how to increase their profit apart of the low prices. There is a scenario in which you may find a good niche with a little competition and you may sell good with good profits with this model of business. That is why we will organize a tution with some tricks for you.

A problem with the amount on hand - If you own the commodity, which you sell is much more easier to check if everything that you sell is available and your client won’t be disappointed. But the amount on hand is a serious problem for the dropshippers as well as the update of the list with the available products. If you find someone who does not have such a problem, then you have met the perfect provider.

Complication with the shipping - If you work with a few providers, as most of the people do it is mostly possible to mess the delivery and your clients may receive their poduct three times which would be a disappointment.

A false of the provider - have you been accused of something that you haven’t done, but you needed to take the responsibility? You need to get used to this…

Even the best providers make mistakes when they perform the orders, falses that you need to take the guilt and excuse about them. There are all kind of scenarios. Your client has not received his order, the package is bad and something broke and other unpleasant things that may affect your future sales.

Is it worthy?

Drop shipping is not the perfect lazy business model. It offers a lot of advantages but also flaws

Our event is to help you buld a profitable business model. You may find more details and a link to register on the following link:How To Make Money From Ebay



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