Start Up Center provides a full range of cost-effective services supporting startups and customized resources designed to free up valuable time and help you focus on what matters most - growing your business. Whether you need help with application development , creative services , IT support , printing, binding or Power Point presentation organizing catering for your next meeting , Start Up Center can offer for your new emerging needs comprehensive menu of support services.


Real physical address wich can receive registration of Google Places.Our Mail programs include: Company address in a professional business office. P.O. box. Packet signature and obtaining.Photo of building your marketing materials.

­virtual office

We're excited to announce that Startup Center offers Virtual Office services!

business catering

If you organize an event with us and want to offer your guests a quality catering service we have a solution . Our partner is one of the best catering companies, which you can trust your event.


Our staff is positioned to help at any time , from meeting your customers and partners to provide the necessary office needs.

accounting and legal services­ 

In need of solving Accounting Law or problem, you can contact our partners who will advise you and help you find the best solution .

event hall renting­

If you plan lecture , training or presentation , you can take advantage of our rooms. The event hall in Start Up Center are suitable for various types of events - from seminars, lectures to workshops, theatre performances, book presentations and exhibitions.

­meeting room renting­

Our meeting room is specially separated from all other areas to be able to calm to conduct your meetings.

copy services­ 

­pets available

In general, we LOVE your little furry ones and welcome them. They bring all sorts of happy to Start Up center. However, we have to make certain it is still comfortable for people to work there, so there has to be a few restrictions. Meow! Woof!

financial advice­

Our experienced financial advisor will help you better manage your cash flows.

­business consulting­

Make an analysis of your business , and find out how you can develop more effectively.


Need help with marketing , we'll help you.Refer to our team to find out more about how we can help you .

­event organisation

We can organize an event for you. Just turn to our team to find out more.

Exported office​

It is an unuque opportunity for departments of big corporations, also  for companies with small teams to change their working atmosphere for a few days.


We aren't big on rules, per se, but we have figured out that not everyone inherently understands being a good neighbor, so we've had to put together a few points for guests of Start Up center to keep in mind when hanging out.

GROUND RULEZ for Start Up center

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If a member asks you to leave, you need to skedaddle

Clean up your garbage.

You break it, you bought it.

Coworking is an extreme sport, don’t sue us if you break a blood vessel in your forehead dealing with windows, apple’s DRM, or anything else.

WE DON’T DO TOURS at all! If you cant drop in and work from the space for a day or two, then this is more than likely not the right coworking space for you.

We are pet friendly, but clean up after your pet, don’t allow them on the furniture, and bring your own water and food dishes.

Violators may be forced to wear suits and ties or just asked to leave.



START UP CENTER is a co-working and event space in which each freelancers, entrepreuner, start-up can hire a workplace for a day , week, month or whatever time he needed.“ START UP CENTER“ is the place whose roof are gathered people with different talents and this is what we are proud of the most. To manage tо collect so many people in one place and tо give them what they need – this is the “ START UP CENTER“.

What is a co-working?

Coworking is an increasingly popular new type of working environment. From this different work situations benefit usually freelancers and frequent travelers in different parts of the world.Shared working environment is characterized by gathering a group of people who , while working independently from one another, share the same values and are interested in the potential synergies that may arise between the various entities working people in the same space .

However, this is just a definition , but we believe that if you want to see it in practice ,this is the place for this purpose.Dating with different interesting people in games of foosball , table tennis or a beer ; various events which aims to enrich your knowledge in the field that interests you most are just some of the possibilities that “ START UP CENTER“ offers .

What people can work in “ START UP CENTER“?

“ START UP CENTER“ is for those who are looking for flexible workspace and collaborative work environment.

In other words:

  • freelancers , who are tired of working alone from home
  • professionals seeking partners for larger and more ambitious projects
  • founders of startups who are looking for optimal growth.
  • and all other digital and not so digital nomads.

As for professions in “ START UP CENTER“ welcome any creative oriented individuals – journalists, writers , bloggers, advertisers , photographers, graphic designers , programmers , architects, artists , NGOs, event organizers and clubs .


The main advantages of the “ START UP CENTER“ to work from home, own office or cafeteria are: availability of basic office resources, services and supplies included in your subscription , sharing knowledge and skills with new people and the best coffee in town.Not to mention the ability to find new partners and projects as well as for events that do not want to miss.

It is not too noisy for a job?

“ START UP CENTER“ operates on the principle of library : Еach one seeks to be as quiet in work area . Shelves , tracks and spacers between places provide good acoustics in the workplace .

The conference room is available for even more intense meetings, presentations , etc.

Is there a conference room ?

Yes, there is a conference room . The use of the conference room becomes after prior booking at one of the team “ START UP CENTER“.

Is there a printer, scanner , copier , etc.?

Yes, these devices are available to all members of the “ START UP CENTER“.

Does the “ START UP CENTER“ accountant and lawyer whose services I can use?

Yes, we offer group accounting, financial and legal consultations once a month for all residents of the “ START UP CENTER“.

Does it smoke inside?

No,in “ START UP CENTER“ doesn’t smoking. You can smoke outside the building where the atmosphere is very pleasant .

I wonder if this is for me. Can I come to try ?

Yes, if in doubt, get an opportunity to test-drive within one business day. So feel free to make a decision .

Can I bring clients in “ START UP CENTER „?

Definitely. We have a conference room suitable for meetings with clients.

Can I work at night and during the weekend?

Yes. For this purpose, we offer an additional package that includes non-stop access to “ START UP CENTER“.

Can I call calmly in “ START UP CENTER“?

Everyone is free to speak in the workspace , provided they do not interfere with the other residents.

What are the tariffs for rent?

Look at the prices

What are the terms of contracts and terms for termination ?

Contracts of “ START UP CENTER“ are indefinite . Exceptions are long-term contracts , which require two months’ notice of termination.

Is scheduled “ START UP CENTER“ to start offering secretarial services?

If there is enough interest , we will do everything possible to offer adequate secretarial services. This also applies to all other types of services.



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