What is important for coworking spaces 1

Marketing strategies

There are millions of ways to develop your marketing in a coworking shared space. One of the first that comes to mind is knowing your community very well. In facebook groups you may write about events, share interesting content, not simply selling your coworing space. Veronica offered personal approach via messages in Linked In. It is essential to develop partnerships with other coworking spaces. Other marketing tools are approaching the local bloggers to secure our SEO and online presence, also organizing social drinkabouts. It is important to have a presence in the area guides. It seems that maintaining a profile in Pinterist and Twitter will take us too much time and won’t be that useful at all.

Future of work

Disillusionment with the question 'what do you want to be when you grow up?'

The community drives us  by “ Always chasing the carrot”, waiting for your happiness into the future and this moment never happens because you always chase the unattainable “carrot”.

Digital nomads aren't chasing the bigger house or the faster car, they’re looking for a lifestyle that's worth living. They chase their passion more than the money. It doesn't take a lot to be happy, but you can only be happy in the moment

Education systems are designed to foster an industrial workforce

Digital Nomads introduce a new way of life. Nomads have always existed but used to do so in a more tribal fashion (in groups).In that way, they actually had a consistent sense of community even though they were always moving.

DN lifestyle is a lot more indepent. Then comes the question Is the DN lifestyle detrimental to social development in children?

What exactly are we looking for?

  • a homebase?

  • ourselves?

  • that one person to travel with may make this lifestyle more sustainable?

  • escape?

  • freedom?

It makes sense for companies to ‘impose’ remote working on employees because it saves them money. It is good to confirm that doesn't mean they all want to become nomads.

People like their boxes, forcing them out might break them.They go through a lot of struggle to discover their own path. We’re doing it because we think it’s worth it. We can’t expect everyone wants that but we could do more to educate people the future of work and give people the option to change their mindset and lifestyle.

That was the end of our Coworking Unconference with sessions.

It was a weekend to remember for sure. Now we are focussed on practising all that we learned. The best is yet to happen in StartUp Center. If you still haven’t visited us, don’t hesitate to do it.

Writed by Tanya Sabeva