Why to choose bansko for your vacation

Why to choose Bansko for your vacation.

Bansko is a ski and mountain resort located in the south-western part of Bulgaria. The town is situated 6 km from the town of Razlog and 160 km from the capital of Sofia.The new modern and one of the biggest winter resorts in Bulgaria, is located at an elevation of 927 m above sea level at an altitude of 2000 - 2600 m., on the two banks of the Glazne river at the feet of the Great Pirin Mountain, right below the most beautiful and highest part of the mountain. The Pirin mountain is an Alpine type mountain with its highest peak - Vihren (2914 m).

For a lot of years, Bansko gradually becomes one of the largest ski resorts in the country and the region, which attracts a lot of bulgarian and international tourists. No doubt, Bansko is famous among the tourists not only as a ski and snowboard destination, but also with its mineral water and wellspring, which makes the region attractive place for the whole year SPA tourism.

Bansko is famous with its unique history and architecture of an old and new part of the town, the resort provides excellent ski and snowboard facilities. It is number one ski resort in Bulgaria. It features the best ski centre with the longest ski tracks and the longest ski season of all Bulgarian ski resorts. The whole length of the ski slope is 75 km, and the longest  one of them is - 16 km. About 90% from all 16 ski slopes  have devices for artificial snow, which provide quality and long lasting snow cover.

The most difficult ski slope in Bansko is Tomba named after the italian skier Alberto Tomba. Available to tourists is the covered gondola lift. It lifts them from the very first station of the lift in Bansko to Banderishka meadow.

A ski path with length of 7 km connects the city with the ski zone.

The ski season in Bansko lasts from 15 December to 15 May and you can imagine why february is the best time to visit it. During the recent years a multimillion Euros investment in a brand new skiing area has been made byYulen, the company that runs the skiing area of Bansko. Numerous new luxury hotels and facilities in the area of the Gondola lift station have been constructed.

The food in Bansko is a real pleasure thank to the unique local cuisine combined with the excellent quality of the food with reasonable prices. It is pronounced as the cheapest ski destination in the world in february last year. One-week vacation for a four-person family costed 2992 GBP. On the opposite part of the scale is the resort Vail in Colorado, which is pronounced as the most expensive resort for families during this season. The vacation there costs 9924 GBP for a four-person family, more than three times over the sum you would pay in Bansko. So why not try it?!

Here are some ways to recharge in Bansko.

  • Enjoy the snowy town - when you feel that you are too tired from the work or the people around you, spend some time in the beautiful winter resort Bansko despite the coldness. Take a cup of warm coffee or tea, release all thoughts and worries. Focus on the small details around you: the changed from the snow trees, streets, buildings.Enjoy the winter fairy-tail with its white beauty and glow.

  • Meet a winter sunset in a beautiful place. Invite your dear people and together enjoy a charming sunset in the beauties of Bansko. This experience will recharge you with optimism and peace.

  • When you are pissed of the work, organize a walk in the Pirin mountain. This little escape will bring you enthusiasm, nice emotions and joy. You can spend some time in front of the fireplace, to cook a delicious meal accompanied by a hot drink or a glass of nice wine. The cosiness and especially the atmosphere along with the nice company and good mood will affect you in a relaxing and refreshing way.

  • Bansko offers different ways of enertainment. Even if you are not a sportish type, trying something new always brings joy and pleasure - you can try ski for the first time if you have never practised this kind of sport, also snowboard, ice skating or simply free your inner child and have fun with a sleigh or motor sleigh. The positive adventure will make you relax and forget about the problems and the responsibilities at work. Allow yourself to experience something different and new for you, you will enjoy it.

  • It is a great place for photographers who enjoy taking amazing winter pictures. The city with its historical architecture and the great Pirin mountain with its amazing beauty is the right decision for practising this kind of hobby. So grab your cameras and enjoy.

  • The region around Bansko is rich of mineral water and wellspring, The unique combination of of beautiful nature, clear air and healing springs are unique perequisites to development of perennial tourism in the region. Almost all luxurious hotels in the resort offer excellent spa centres with modern spa equipment and professional therapist. The guests of the resort may take advantage of a large number of prophylactic procedures and therapies. All spa centers are open  perennial and are an excellent end of a tiring day at the ski slope. Most popular of them are: programmes for weight lost; anti-stress programmes; relax programmes; procedures for health and beauty; spa and wellness procedures.



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